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Akamai Principles of Discipline
PRINCIPLE 1 - Whoever is upset has the problem.
PRINCIPLE 2  - The person with the problem will seek to change the situation, other people, and themselves, usually in this order.
PRINCIPLE 3  -  If you are not the true owner of the problem, you’ll need to make the true owner upset. Why?  See Principle 2.
PRINCIPLE 4 - The likelihood of you transferring the problem? How calm you are compared to the true owner. In other words, the calmest person wins!
PRINCIPLE 5 - What the true owner considers important is the motivator, not your raised voice!
Motivators: F’s – fun, freedom, family, finances, friends
          - what works for one child may not work for the other
PRINCIPLE 6 - Unless there is an emergency, there is no need to discipline immediately.
PRINCIPLE 7 - If you’re patient and have a decent memory, your child will hand carry his/her discipline to you.

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